Our suppliers

Popup Café is committed to providing the best available organic products from around the UK and is proud to offer the highest quality coffees, teas, baked goods and soups.

Our coffee is an organic espresso roasted by Monmouth Coffee who roast coffee at their own roastery in London, SE1 from single farms, estates and cooperatives and ensure that the quality, quantity and price requirements can be discussed in an open and equal way, thus creating a sustainable, fair and equal trade. Also – Monmouth Coffee is just fabulous!

Our organic teas are sourced from Storm Tea who use amazing ‘silk’ tea pyramids packed full of really tasty whole leaf teas. All their packaging is made up of A-PET plastic which is non-toxic, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Flavours range from the vibrant Red Berry and Rose to the calming Lemongrass and Vanilla. Real organic tea in a little pouch.

Our delicious baked goods come from Honeyrose Bakery where they bake organic, award-winning fluffy muffins, chewy cookies, fudgey brownies, moist cakes and crunchy biscotti.

Our Hot Chocolate come from the Kokoa Collection and is specially sourced from origin and made with real chocolate! 70% organic chocolate from Peru with the options of sweetening it with white chocolate with vanilla or flavoured sugars such as Orange & Cinnamon and even Chilli.

In the morning you can enjoy organic porridge from Grasshopper – they don’t use weird GM ingredients or anything that you will have to look up on Wikipedia, just real, natural food. Flavours include Cinnamon & Raisin and the innovative Coconut & Date.

At Lunchtime, we bring out our hearty organic soups from Rod & Ben’s Organic Seasonal Soups who have been producing the highest quality organic recipes for over 13 years now and recently won the Soil Association’s Organic Food Award for their fabulous pea and Mint.. Try the tasty Beetroot & Cumin or take a leap with the delicious Moroccan Vegetable.

Our baguettes, rolls and bagels come from the charmingly named Sweet Tree Bakery – all made with the best organic flour. They even cultivate their own yeast! Sweet Tree’s baker, Manabu Ueno, who is Japanese, has training in both French and German baking traditions. A fantastic partner for our wonderful soups.



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